Please keep in mind that some costs are generated outside metronix:

  • transportation

  • customs inspection

  • customs declartion (back)

… and inside

  • receipt of goods

  • analysis

  • repair (that is what you believe is the only cost)

  • testing / calibration

  • outgoing of goods

An estimator for a coil:

  • 550 EUR change the pre-amplifier (done for all coils older tha 5 years by default)

  • 130 EUR calibration

  • 65 EUR final check and replay new calibration

  • 200 EUR field test for 1-3 coils

plus return shipment

Change the outer tube (casing): 500 EUR.


We ONLY have hot swap systems for our clients.

The rental price is 7% of a new system per month and includes 5 fresh electrodes.

We end up at 3384 EUR / month plus shipment.

Without electrodes (in case you have your own) 2836 EUR / month plus shipment

Think of having an insurance.

We count from shipment until reception.