Return / Repair

Return Shipment

  • When sending coils we must send the coils back to the address the BAFA has issued the license for

  • Our partner for customs handling is Schenker Germany

  • If you send from outside Europe by airfreight and use other provider (UPS/TNT/DHL) it will end up at Hannover Airport (HAJ) at Schenker office, because they make the customs for us!.

  • YOU use temporary export - we use free trade / temporary import on our side

  • Coils older than 5 years need again a complete new export license (takes 10 weeks and more)
    (only for countries like Australia, Europe, Japan, U.S.A. this is not needed).

  • Return shipment is ALWAYS the same way back for coils!

    • I am holding a license for “Explore Ltd., 123 drive, Rio 2234, Brazil”

    • I am shipping from this (licensed) address

    • I am receiving at this (licensed) address

    • I understand that this is a “closed circle” for import / export / granted license

  • for coils younger than than 5 yeas the same shipment rules apply. A new license is not required

  • shipment speed depends on customs

Step one: read the instructions above

Step two: make a packing list with serial numbers visible

Step three: make a proforma invoice


**** Documents are here for download *********


Proforma Invoice

The values on the proforma invoice are important for a possible insurance.
If the coils a new you take 100% You can take 60% after 3 years and 40% or less after 6 years.
Hence: when the coils are lost during shipment, that may be the price the insurance pays.

Ask your purchase department in case what your writing-off is. Don’t make a “1 EUR only” statement - that is wrong.



Use the Peli Cases we supplied for the coils. Otherwise we ship back in a Peli Case (~ 360 EUR).

Coils older than 5 years

Coils older than 5 years need again a export license
Reason: political situation can have changed and your country moved to the black list.
That is the reason why a new license has to be granted - even though they are your coils.

Old Coils

For the old MFS-06 and MFS-07 we do not build the pre-amplifers anymore.
If there is anything else beside from re-calibration a new MFS-06e / MFS-07e pre-amplifier will be build in. As a consequence the plug will be changed from MIL type to ODU. This requires additionally a new cable ODU connector

General License

Australia, Japan do not require special documents from you.
A “general export license” will be generated from us without your work
EXCEPT you use the coils for military purpose: here ALWAYS a special license is required

Customs on return shipment

If we do not add value, the goods are shipped back at the same value. No customs duty.
If we add value (boards, upgrade HW) we issue a bill. Customs duty apply for the added value only

Changing the address, new country

It may happen that you changed the address inside the country.
Here we also apply for a new BAFA license (ist das so?, dauert das lange wenn Spulen < 5 Jahre … oder “Formalität”)

When transferring to a new country a new license is definitively needed.
Contact us or the German BAFA directly.
In case you send the coils to us for refurbishing and then back to a different country, make a final export to Germany.
We generate a new license after refurbishing. … I think it is clear that we can issue a license when you move to “bad country”.
You can check in advance INTERNET adresse … 6A006 a) 4.a)b)c) …. if you country is bad listed